Can you imagine a world where Travis Fimmel doesn’t play Ragnar Lothbrok on the “History Channel’s Vikings”? I can’t either. But creator and writer Michael Hirst almost delivered that world to us.

He tells Du Jour magazine that the production had chosen Fimmel as the lead candidate. But when Hirst and his wife watched Fimmel’s first audition reel they weren’t sold on him.

“‘My wife said, “I couldn’t watch this guy as the hero. He’s very handsome, but he’s very conventional and as a woman I wouldn’t want to watch him.”” Hirst tells Du Jour.

Hirst instructed the production to keep looking.

But true to the soulful charismatic “never give up” character Fimmel embodies in Ragnar now, he sent in his own homemade reel.

“He had shot a couple of scenes in his kitchen in a farmhouse in Australia. He hadn’t bothered to dress up like a Viking, as many of the other actors had done, and he hadn’t bothered to sound anything but Australian,” Hirst continues. “But he got the depths and got something about the character. It was exciting.”

Whew! And we’re grateful for it.

Season 2 of “Vikings premiered February 27 with more than three million people tuning in. At one point, Lagertha, Ragnar’s wronged wife, was trending on Twitter. That’s an impressive feat considering it was up against Twitter trending behemoth “Scandal.”

This week, I foresee that Bjorn trends on Twitter. See the video preview below to see how much Bjorn has grown. (What do you think of an all grown up Bjorn?)