Social Media and Digital Content Publishing Internship Orientation 

Project Description

In 2015, I created a digital and social media content internship at Georgia Public Broadcasting to teach people interested in the digital communications industry how digital content publishing and social media are handled by large companies. The internship curriculum included:

  • How to write blog articles
  • How to publish blog articles using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS)
  • How to write posts for the organization’s social media channels in the correct company voice
  • How to curate content that aligned with the company’s mission and goals

Interns who have undergone the three to four month program have been hired as digital content publishers at Georgia Public Broadcasting and have become social media managers at other organizations notably Grace Midtown Church. I designed three in person internship orientation sessions to present the curriculum. Below is the powerpoint presentations of one of those sessions .


  • Face to face instruction
  • Program management