You’re Linked To EarthLink Podcasts

I was an early adopter of podcasts back in 2006. I saw the potential of the medium for corporate uses and developed the podshow “You’re Linked To EarthLink” for the internet company, EarthLink. The audio series linked customers to company innovations, new products and tech trends. Listen to the podcasts below.

Listen in as Craig Forman, EarthLink’s President of Value Added Services, discusses EarthLink’s expanding products and services that go beyond Internet access and learn how it is generating revenue.

EarthLink's DSL and Home Service Reaches More Homes

Hear how EarthLink’s super-fast broadband plus home phone service is now available in more hometowns.

EarthLink Offers RSS Feed Reader, Bookmarker and More

Learn about EarthLink’s new Web 2.0 tools:

  • MyReader – an RSS Reader
  • MyFavorites – a Social Bookmarking Site
  • WebLife – a Photo and Media Sharing Service

Listen to a Q&A on EarthLink’s plans to provide Municipal Broadband to communities-starting with Anaheim, CA.


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