Digital Content Publisher Training

iingProject Description

When Georgia Public Broadcasting grew its news operations by adding 20 new staffers across the state, the new hires needed to learn how to publish online articles and audio stories using the company’s content management system (CMS) Drupal and audio publisher Soundcloud. Previously a part-time online news editor published their stories for them, which quickly became an inefficient method of publishing stories quickly.

Part of the Digital and Education team at the time, I initiated, designed, developed  and delivered in person training sessions on digital content publishing. The two hour sessions covered:

  • How to publish news articles and blogs using Drupal
  • How to use Georgia Public Broadcasting’s online photo library system
  • How to publish audio stories using Soundcloud, the “Youtube” of audio publishing

The Results:

After conducting the sessions and distributing easy to follow handouts and a video online tutorial, all new hire journalists adopted the systems and published their stories online soon afterward. I became the department’s trainer and liaison to other staff within the company looking to learn digital publishing.  My training became part of new hire orientation for full-time staff and interns.

Course Online Tutorials