Wordcamp Atlanta 2015

Give Your Church, Synagogue or Mosque Website a Divine Makeover With WordPress:

WordPress isn’t just a great platform for secular sites. It is a powerful and cost efficient tool for creating responsive sites for religious organizations. This presentation shares how WordPress was used to upgrade the website for Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Atlanta, what theme options are available for religious organizations and widgets and plugins helpful for this sector. It also gives tips for beginners on how to get started.

Wordcamp Atlanta 2014

How to Build a Following Around Your Favorite TV Show or Movie:

How do you turn your passion for a television show or movie into a popular online community for live chatting, blogging and making new friends? I share how I did it with Georgia Public Broadcasting’s “Desperate for Downton” blog.

Case III 2009

Writing for the College Website

Co-presented with Barbara T. Obrentz, Chief Public Relations Officer/ Director of Marketing for Georgia Perimeter College at CASE III in 2009, this session taught communications theory as it relates to the usability of Web pages – what information college audiences expect from various Web pages and what written formats best deliver that content. Topics included: research on how people read web pages (usability); samples of well-designed web pages; identifying key website audiences; how to organize website content; how to write scanable website text using key words, meaningful headlines, bulleted lists, etc.; and using common writing styles and new writing formats such as chunking.

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