Episode 7 of the History Channel’s “Vikings” was called Blood Eagle. But it should have been titled “All Hail Earl Lagertha.” (Spoiler alert – major episode plot point coming!)

When Ragnar needed an ally to help him go against King Ecbert, a mysterious new leader sent word about helping: the Earl Sigvard.

It turns out Earl Sigvard is a nom de plume. Sigvard is really Ragnar’s ex, Lagertha. Well she goes by Earl Lagertha officially now.

Watch the cool reveal in this video.

She rightly won the title after she put her husband’s eye out for abusing her and commissioning men to beat her up.
Her people rallied behind her by taking those bad guys out at dinner when they rose to defend their evil earl after the eye stabbing.

Watch Lagertha’s Epic Eye Stabbing.

Who wouldn’t want her to as an ally? But will her 100 warriors be enough to take out Ecbert’s new alliance with Northumbria?  I’m a bit worried. King Horik isn’t exactly a trustworthy ally. Plus Ecbert’s union with Northumbria was sealed through a marriage. Not much room for backstabbing there.

What do you think? Can the Norsemen prevail this time? Sound off with a comment below.

And of course we’ll all be watching at 10 pm Thursday night to find out what happens next.