What do Dragon Con, Downton Abbey and I have in common? A lot! I am speaking on a panel about Downton Abbey there Saturday, August 30 at 5:30 p.m. at the Marriot Marquis with Rachel Buchman. She is a Downton enthusiastic too, has guest blogged on the Desperate for Downton blog I write for and has taken part in the live chat watch parties I host when the show broadcasts on Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Dragon Con, in case you are uninitiated, is the southeast’s largest comic book, sci-fi, fantasy, literature and gaming convention. Think Comic-Con (a little) but even more expansive.

I wrote some stories about some of the average Joes and Janes who produce the convention. The stereotype is that super nerdy and techy people put the convention together. But that is not true. All sorts of people appreciate the wonderful stories told in sci-fi shows or fantasy movies.

So yes a lawyer, a health advisor, a student pursuing her MBA and a physicist  all take part in the conference and even put it together since it’s a mainly all volunteer production.

As Brandy Roatsey, the student pursuing her MBA has said,”it’s a magical experience that is unparalleled. It’s like walking in your favorite movies, while at the same time connecting with fans from across the world who you can instantly befriend. It can be as simple as sitting in one of the hotels, or riding an elevator, or standing in a line with people you automatically have something in common with and can discuss this theory or that theory, this plot twist, this news, or anything pop-culture related. ”

The conference takes place August 29 – September 1.

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Here are some stories that I’ve written about it so far for The Daily Jog. You can download my profile of Dragon Con volunteers in Your GPB’s iPad magazine.

The Daily Jog Stories: