Is a bromance in the works for Mr. Thomas Barrow on Downton Abbey season 5? Absolutely, speculates his portrayer Rob James-Collier. In a new video on the cast’s hopes and dreams for season 5, James-Collier says based on Julian Fellowes year on year off formula for giving Thomas suitors, he’s due for a manfriend in season 5.

“It would be nice to be happy,” says James-Collier.

Meanwhile Leslie Nichol predicts that Mrs. Patmore and the Dowager Countess will finally exchange words.

You can watch the video below to see what other cast members like Laura Carmichael have to say about their predictions for their characters on Downton Abbey season 5.

Here is what some folks on YouTube want for Downton characters.

“It would be nice if Thomas could show his soft side again. My number one hope is that Michael returns to Edith and they can finally marry. I’ve no doubt then Michael would acknowledge their child. As for Tom, I would definitely like to see some of his old self return, but I don’t want him ending up with Sarah Bunting. She’s just not the right type for him.”

Abby Charland
“I really want romance between Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes….please Julian?”

“BROMANCE FOR MR. BARROW!!! hahaha! but seriously…”