It pays to be play Lady Mary’s paramour. All of the actors who have played Lady Mary’s loves have moved on to bigger and better projects. Like actor Theo James. Remember him?

He is now headlining the new YA fantasy film “Divergent” as the mysterious, charismatic male lead. But Downton fans remember him best as the notorious Turkish diplomat Kemal Pamuk who died in Lady Mary’s bed after a few minutes of passion.

Call it the Lady Mary Love Bump then. Just like winning an Oscar, playing Lady Mary’s love interest can do wonders for one’s career. Here is a look at how her other former loves, Matthew Crawley and Sir Richard Carlisle guy are doing.

dan-stevens_510x317Dan Stevens: The man forever known as Matthew Crawley: Cousin Matthew was killed off in a tragic car crash to the dismay and rage of fans at the end of season 3 because Stevens didn’t want to renew his contract.

Stevens has been apologizing for his departure ever since. But he’s definitely benefited from the Lady Mary Love Bump as he has been quite the busy bee.

Since exiting the MASTERPIECE drama, he has starred on Broadway opposite Jessica Chastain in “The Heiress”, promoted his own film “Summer in February” and filmed several movies including the bomb “The Fifth Estate” and the upcoming “A Walk Among the Tombstones.” He’s set to appear in “Night at the Museum 3” as Sir Lancelot.

Stevens has become a prolific voice-over artist too. He’s the voice of the computer on the WB show “The Tomorrow People” and narrated the retrospective on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time: Wicked is Coming”.

Iain_GlenIain Glen: Sir Richard Carlisle, Lady Mary’s controlling, chauvinist ex-fiance. (Thank God she didn’t marry him!): Glen was already an established, critically acclaimed actor before Downton. But playing Lady Mary’s ex didn’t hurt his resume. He has moved on to play noble advisor Ser Jorah Mormont on “Game of Thrones.”

He has also done Shakespeare on “The Hollow Crown” television series and appeared on two episodes of “Borgia.”