An extraordinary producer’s vision can come across in a video whether that producer filmed and edited the project personally or not. Communicating that vision is what it all boils down to. (And it helps to be paired with an amazing editor too!) Below are videos I have both edited personally and conveyed my vision to an editor to create.

We Love Our Humans And We Love GPB Mini Video Campaign

Being able to bring dogs to the office is one of the perks of working at Georgia Public Broadcasting that employees are passionate about. As part of the larger “MyGPB is…”  summer fundraising campaign that identified what the organization means to donors, volunteers and employees, I produced two videos that showcased employees and dogs at the office. One of the videos can be seen here.  (Edited by Nick Stephens)

Newsroom Tour

GPB News Correspondent Trevor Young gives a tour of the newsroom and dog friendly workplace where Milo the Corgi mix can’t resist doing a cameo. (I shot and edited this video on an iPhone 6).

Dragon Con Parade 2014 Interview Dallas Key Dragonfly Armory

I interviewed Dragon Con parade veteran Dallas Key on how his rag tag Diesel Punk cosplay group, Dragonfly Armory, became a cohesive unit and now walk the parade together almost every year. (Edited by Patrick Edmonds.)

A Tour Of The Atlanta Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative

I shot this behind the scenes tour of the home offices of the Atlanta Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative using an iPhone 6. (Edited by Andje Yassa.)