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My name is Rosemary Jean-Louis.

I’m a trainer and communicator who is passionate about teaching people to hone their skills or learn new ones so that they can excel in their careers and life. I use multiple forms of media to achieve that goal: printed handouts, powerpoint presentations, video tutorials, webinars, online articles, blogs and social media.

I deliver instruction in a clear accessible manner whether it is by face to face instruction, virtually or through online writing.

Areas of speciality:

  • Technical applications training
  • Content management system training (i.e. Drupal and WordPress)
  • Writing for digital platforms
  • Social media

I excel at breaking down difficult to understand concepts and technical jargon into easy to follow ideas.

My credentials:

I’ve trained employees, interns, volunteers and members at one of the nation’s largest classrooms, the PBS affiliate Georgia Public Broadcasting. I’ve taught faculty and staff to write better college websites at Georgia Perimeter College (now part of Georgia State University). I’ve managed, edited and written for major websites.

I am a prolific writer, blogger and content creator. In a previous life, I produced entertainment news for CNN Headline News (now HLN).

Check out my portfolio to get a sense of what I’ve accomplished, then contact me so we can discuss how I can help you.

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